Deluxe Diabetic Gift Basket
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Deluxe Diabetic Gift Basket

Our Deluxe Diabetic Gift Basket contains the foods your body needs to help prevent and/or manage adult-onset diabetes. If you have a family history of diabetes, or are otherwise at risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes, it is important to adjust your diet and to engage in regular exercise. If you already have Type 2 Diabetes, many foods can help your body manage this disease better. Deluxe Diabetic Gift Basket Contains: Broccoli Soup--rich source of vitamin C, chromium, fiber, and potassium Sprouted Sunflower Seeds--great for snacking or in salads Whole Wheat Pasta--excellent source of unrefined carbohydrates and fiber Ariston Vinegar Tea with Cinnamon--cinnamon benefits GoRaw Flax Snacks--flaxseeds have a beneficial impact on diabetes Steel-Cut Oatmeal for unrefined carbohydrates, fiber, and magnesium Pistachios--vitamin E, magnesium, monounsaturated fats Smoked Salmon--magnesium and Omega-3 fatty acids Fisherman's Stew Bean Soup Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recommended Food Guide for Diabetes Prevention/Management Handmade Basket

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  • Diabetic Friendly

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